Some of our youth were asked to give us a quote about our youth program here at First Baptist. We invite you to take a look and see the youth ministry with the eyes of our youth.

“Youth to me is a place where I can be myself and learn about God while having a blast all at the same time. It’s a safe environment for everyone to voice their opinions and talk about their struggles without being judged.”

~ Jack – Junior

“My favorite thing about youth group was how Felicia would always relate the verses or the story to things that we had to deal with every day. I also loved the community, and every week I was excited to get to see all my friends and hear about what was going on in their lives.”
~ Cassie – Class of 2016

“The youth group experienced at First Baptist Church has encouraged my children to learn and grow in their faith in a safe environment. Felicia supports each youth and encourages him/her to be the person God has called him/her to be.
~ Carrie – mother of two youth