Welcome to our Youth Group! We are learners, adventurers and volunteers in Christ. We look for ways to reach into our community and honor the commandment, “Love your neighbor as Yourself”. Of course all of this is grounded in “We Love the Lord our God with all our hearts, souls and minds!”

We know Facebook is for “old people”, but we have to communicate with your parent’s somehow! We will usually post church wide notices there. If it is just Youth info, that will be by text or e-mail.  We livestream our worship on our page and YouTube Live every Sunday @10:45am. We have returned to in person worship with no restrictions. 

Let’s bring this information session to an end. Are you looking for a place to be yourself, somewhere you can learn about Christ and serve Him? A place that loves the community around us. Our group is made up of Youth from across our community. Come see what we are about …when we are allowed to meet again!