Church is Community

On Monday I had a little accident while working on my coffee table.  I dropped the top of the table on my foot.  It has left my foot very swollen and an assortment of colors.  Yesterday I told the group of woman at our Wednesday morning prayer meeting about my foot.  Right there in the chapel one of them took my foot in her hands and prayed over it.  It was a beautiful moment rooted in faith, love, and caring.

It’s a picture of what church is.  Church isn’t just a building.  Church is a people.  It’s a people who deeply care for each other.  People who are all different but connected because of a shared faith and traditions.  People who love and care for each other.  People who form a community.

This year I’ve been able to experience what true community in a church is.  While my mother experienced health issues and was in the hospital we had countless church members reach out to us.  We received prayers, food, visits, and hugs from a community that truly loved and supported us.  It was a holy gift from them.

Community is one of the things that we all want and need.  We can find it in a lot of different places and it can look a lot of different ways.  I’m convinced that the holiest and most helpful of communities can be found in churches, the body of Christ.

I’m understanding that metaphor in a whole new way now that I’m laid up with my foot.  I didn’t give much thought to how important my feet were until I hurt one.  I didn’t truly understand just how much a pain in the foot could affect the way the rest of me felt or what I could do.  The rest of my body is dependent on my foot.

Likewise as a church member I am dependent on my fellow church members.  When I can’t pray for myself, they are there.  When I need encouragement, they are there.  When I need help seeing God, they are there.  When I need a listening ear or a kind word, they are there.  I’m never truly alone or independent when I belong to a church.  That is a beautiful thing.

Everyone in church doesn’t look like I do.  Not everyone here likes the same things I do or connects to God in the same ways I do.  That’s the secret benefit of being in a church community where everyone is different.  It allows me to learn and experience faith in new and different ways.  It gives me the gift of seeing that God is present and working in the lives of everyone all across the age spectrum.

I’m grateful for each member of our church.  For the older woman who prayed over my foot to the children who give me high fives on Sunday morning and everyone in between.  Being a part of this community truly is a blessing!